Paris 2017

We are creatures of habit. Everyday we witness life through a microscopic window of repetition. A bit of curiosity downed me into a trip that made me realize that no matter which part of the globe you are, it is the appreciation and adaptation to current moods of the city that will make so much of a difference. And there lies the beauty of Paris.

this city tho


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Commuter’s Life

Morning  Run

 see the landmarks without the crowd with a sunrise run

Paris Foodie

Paris can be intricate in terms of restaurants and the cuisine itself. The city overtures restaurants – from Michelin stared to the usual fix, the banana Nutella crepes. Mind you, there are also bad restaurants so you have to be careful and do a bit of research. The best way is to ask someone who lives in the particular city or been to the city. You can check out blogs of a particular restaurant that you’ve been eyeing on. Then you weigh in your preferences. Below are my picks.

Every street or boulevard – corner has its own special art form I can never decide whether Paris is more beautiful by day or by night.

It is no secret that there is a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to French style. It is polished yet effortless. Classic yet cool. In addition, it always seems to highlight a figure in just the right way.

all about the espresso life

espresso or afternoon tea

Ceilings to amaze in Paris

My Neighborhood for 7 days

Paris is truly a moveable feast

The endless to-do list. If you ask me though 7 days wasn’t enough. Paris is an awe to anyone’s imagination, and I can’t wait to go back!  The trip that I stop thinking and just say Thank you Paris! #thisgalisinlovewithParis


  • Do not stand out as a tourist or you will end up a prey to pickpockets and approachable to so-called snatchers.


  • Please! Never try to squeeze all the major sights in one day: sit and watch the world go by at a café, walk & explore the city. If you can – live like a local. Neighborhood bistros are the best spots to experience a Parisian life.


  • Do not fritter your time at the touristy spots like the Champs Elysses. Tourist traps and overpriced meals will greet you at its best. And yes! You will meet many tourists. Instead, walk and soak up Saint Germaine or other Arrondissement where you will find local boutiques, vintage shops, bakeries, and fresh markets.


  • Do not waste your money on Taxis. Instead- take a stroll and discover Paris by foot. Another option is to experience the METRO. It will give you the opportunity to discover hidden local spots. Warning—you will need a good pair of walking shoes.


  • Just a heads up! Taking UBER is also a better option but be aware of the rates. The rates triple up when it is raining cats and dogs, or when there is a huge event such as the Paris Fashion Week.


  • Be mindful of the dress codes at the restaurants. Inquire about the dress codes when making reservations. Dress codes are usually smart casual.


  • Museum tidbits: Plan ahead and purchase tickets online. I bet you! it will save you so much time. You can also purchase the Paris Pass that will also come out cheaper if you are planning to visit multiple attractions. Check out the tourism website for local events.


  • Louvre: reserve a ticket for the 9 am opening. This is the best way to beat the crowd and get up close to Mona Lisa. Download the museum map online, in order to plan ahead which exhibit you would like to explore. Mona Lisa should be the first on your list.




Chez Michel

Clown Bar

Tomy & Co

La Maison de la Truffle

The Hardware Societe (brunch)

Monsieur Bleu



Holy Belly

Le Souffle

La Flore (breakfast)

Breizh (crepes)

Maree Jeanne

Laurent Duchene (croissants)


Café de l’ Homme


Deli Cieux

The Peninsula

Wine Bars:

Lucien Legrand

Clamato ~ Le Marais

Les Caves  Popularies

Septime La Cave


Experimental Cocktail Bars:



Prescription Cocktail Club

George V – 4 Seasons

Dirty Dick

Café Moderne


Fou De Pâtisserie

Yann Couvreur

Cyril Lignac

Boulangerie utopie

Blé sucré

Boulangerie Bo

Hubert Trevisse (baguette)


Photo Credits:

Leia R.

Tania E.