Lost in Paris

What is Arrondissement ( ar·ron·disse·ment)? The city of Paris is divided into 20 districts, which is called Arrondissement in French.  Arrondissements are named according to their roman numbers, which corresponds to the administrative district

Paris arrondissements spirals out in a clockwise direction starting from the center map of the city. It is important to familiarize and understand each district if you are planning a trip to Paris.

1eme (Right Bank): Louvre, Palais Royale

The must-see arrondissement. This is where the postcards are made of. Atmosphere of elegance & regality.


Musee de Louvre


Pont des Art

Palais Royale

Where to Eat & Drink:

Daroco & Danico ~ https://wp.me/P532Bn-14a


2eme : Bourse & Montorgueil


Street Markets

Where to Eat & Drink:

Frenchie to Go (FTG) ~  http://www.frenchie-ftg.com/














L’escargot Montorgueil ~ http://escargotmontorgueil.com/









3eme : Marais is a lively neighborhood with trendy bars and restaurants. , Picasso Museum(Temple)

4eme :  (Hotel-de-Ville or the second part of Le Marais)  southern lively part just below the 3rd. arrondissements : Marais

Where the local and small boutiques are found. Paris’ version of New York’s SoHo but still holds on to the French character and hints of Parisian distinctiveness. One of my fave district.


Picasso Museum

Notre Dame Cathedral (4 eme)


Ile de Saint Louis (behind Notre Dame): stroll with views of the city and Seine


Local boutiques

Hotel-de-Ville (Paris’ Town Hall)

Centre Pompidou (rooftop takes you to a scenic view of Montmarte and Eiffel Tower) ~  https://www.centrepompidou.fr/














Maison de Victor Hugo

Marche de Enfants Rouges: oldest covered market. I love the wine stalls

Miss Manon: Pastries

5eme : Latin Quarter 

Left bank of the Seine river. Where the Latin Quarter is found. This is a small college town, and know for its international restaurants and cafes



Natural History Museum

Shakespeare and Co

6eme : Saint Germain

Left bank of the river seine: the hangout of the intellectuals.

Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, Jean Paul Sartre and Serge Gainsbourg formerly resided. The high end shopsand old French restaurants


St Germaine des Pres

Jardin du Luxembourg








Cafe De Flore : one of the oldest coffee house in Paris and a popular hub of famous philosophers and writers

Saint Sulpice Church

Rue de Sevres

7eme: Eiffel Tower

This central Paris neighborhood is fittingly shaped like a diamond. It’s bordered in the north by the Seine River.


Eiffel Tower

Hotel des Invalides

Mussey d’Orsay

Musee Rodin

Where to Eat & Drink:

Tomy & Co

Les Cocottes

Le Petit Pontoise

 8eme : Champs-Elysees

The arrondissement, called Élysée, is situated on the right bank of the River Seine and centred on the Champs-Élysées.


Arc de Triomphe

Champs Élysées

Parc Monceau

Petit Palais

Grand Palais

Pont Alexandre III

 9eme : Opera, Pigalle

A trendy district where things have not changed much in the last 30 years. A lively district with its old cafes, offices and Haussmannian architecture where we still can find a true neighborhood life.


Opéra Garnier

Where to Eat & Drink:

Maison de la Truffle~https://wp.me/P532Bn-18E

10eme : Canal St. Martin

 Linked to Canal Saint-Martin waterway and iron footbridges. This is a district of bobos (bohemian-bourgeois Parisians), with agreeable cafes and vintage shops.


Gare du Nord

Where to Eat & Drink:

Chez Michel

11eme : Bastille

known for its night activity and festive character.

12eme : Bercy

My district home for 12 days

one of the main Paris residential areas and the greenest district of Paris

A quaint little district that made me experience the local Parisian vibes with all the boulangerie, meat & cheese shops,and of course not to mention the wine shops.

Boulangerie Brun : won the best Baguette in Paris









13eme & 14eme : strong Chinese population, this district of Paris has some cool things to see.




A charming neighborhood to walk through, called the Butte aux Cailles, including an artesian well for the locals to fill their jugs with fresh water. A multi-cultural residential neighborhood which includes Paris’ Chinatown and the ultra-modern Bibliothèque François Mitterand.

14eme :  Montparnasse: where Cite Universitaireis located in the residential district known for lively cafes and restaurants.

 15eme: Parc des Expositions: residential neighborhood bordering 7eme and Seine.


Trocadero: upscale residential neighborhood.

Eiffel Tower view from the trendy cafes.

Where to Eat:

Monsieur Bleu


Cafe del Homme


17eme : Palais de Congres: diverse neighborhood

18eme : Montmarte: artsy residential neighborhood

Landmark: Sacre Coeur church

19eme: Parc de la Villette: residential neighborhood where ethnic restaurants are located

20eme: Belleville, Pere Lachaise: residential area where the yuppies are found.


~ https://en.parisinfo.com/

Transportation: https://www.parispass.com/?aid=266&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIic_Pg6uy1wIVC4B-Ch1AugDaEAAYASAAEgL84PD_BwE

Google Maps was my travel buddy as well as the Paris METRO & RER App


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