Bienvenido a mi mundo en Barcelona

Barcelona- the San Francisco of Spain- well close enough. The hilly roads, food culture, fabled architecture and the Diversity. Barcelona is a seaside city. The cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region.


After a 15 ½ hour flight – Barcelona opened my mind and heart to possibilities in life. Learning & embracing the Catalan culture. Now I say let’s do this! Donde esta ?! Was the much used phrase of this trip?


As I walked along the famous La Ramblas – exploring a few hours after a long flight felt like a blur but I was just ecstatic. Café solo got me through the afternoon. Make sure you grab your coffee—this is just the beginning…




Hola! mi nombre es… ¿Leia cómo eres? ¿Yo soy de Estados Unidos estás?


They termed it as Barri- small neighborhoods. Find the one that suits you.

  5 barri or barrio:

Gotic: Roman ruins and Gothic architecture…get lost in the alleys discover the deep history of architecture through our times.


Born: trendy, and not that touristy. The word Cool! Walk through the cobbled tree-lined boulevards just up right of the Gothic quarter great bars & eateries.


Gracia: village like bohemian neighborhood. I just soaked sitting at a café and people watched. Famous for local bakeries and Gaudi’s playground Park Guell.


L’Exaimple: Pronouncing the name I had the hardest time. This Modern uptown district where you will find the home of modernista architecture. Gaudi’s La Pedrera is located in this neighborhood. Passeig de Gracia -the most prestigious address in the city where the high-end stores are located. Peek at the mansions’ patios and doorways, grasp the modernista structural design.


Sagrada Familia: a very quiet barrio. The home of Anton Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece. The neighborhood is dwelled by mostly older generation and professionals as well as Catalan locals. Not much of boutiques but you will see local chocolatiers. Grab an order of churros and a cup of Xocolate.


Another draw are the museums and churches- the rich culture and history. My heart just jumped –literally! To experience my dream,the amazing art and fabled architectures of Spain. Need I say more … for me to comprehend the Sagrada Familia was quite overwhelming just because…I just have to pinch myself and absorb. My take—is this the da Vinci code of Barcelona? Gaudi’s code – the mysterious symbols in the church only Gaudi would know?!?!

Indeed, when it is finished, Sagrada Familia will have 18 towers: 12 dedicated to the Apostles, 4 to the Evangelists, one to Jesus and one to Mary, with the highest spire reaching 170 meters high.

amo carrerons! Pictures just wouldn’t justify what my eyes experienced. Bonica!


Advance tickets will cut you through the lines:

Busturistik: get the 2-day pass it will definitely save you money and hit the must see- spots.


METRO Pass: take the underground train- it’s more fun and easy to get around. I got the T 10 ticket which is a transport only ticket. The T10 ticket entitles you to 10 journeys on the Barcelona transport system in the zone one area.


Barcelona Pass: The Barcelona Card not only gives you free transport in Zone 1 (the main tourist area) on the metro, buses tram and RENFE train to the airport but it also gives you discounts entry to selected Barcelona attractions. The Barcelona card will give you other discounts e.g. into some performance venues and also discounts on Barcelona Turisme official souvenir shop.

One more thing: wear comfortable shoes. You will walk and walk and walk endlessly. It’s very important to take notes and a rough draft itinerary is advisable ~ then what? – tick certain things on your list.

 Barcelona ~ it leaves you smitten…


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