This is Siargao

When you explain how beautiful the experience is – that is what I chase …


About Being Local ~ the locals ~ the nicest people I have met. They were extremely accommodating, and sincere. The locals define the rawness of the town’s characteristics. Hang loose for a few days and feel their kindness & positive vibes. Siargao locals are superb  amongst other islands I visited. They opened up our eyes that there is so much more than the convenience of technologies, material things, comforts of what we thought are things that we could not live without. The happiness and beauty within their hearts and minds would somehow touch every tourists’ life. The locals welcomes the world with  open hearts and minds. 

The extent to walk in someone’s shoes, it is a plus. My plea to all those who are planning to visit this paradise – Open your mind, and please be aware, be mindful  & RESPECT the locals. Take care of this island that would unconditionally give back friendship, love & sincere human connection.

Manang, the pande coco (coco bread) vendor who always got that warm smile. Manang showed us how they baked the famous coco bread using coconut husks instead of firewood. 

Manong our tricycle driver who went out of his way to cater our needs

They are just a few of the locals who made us realized How Simple Life can be.

Our surfer friends – who showed us the backroads of Siargao. The sunset & sunrise surfs were the best of times

About Simple Joys of Life

I am just an ordinary human being trying to see extraordinary places. This trip is solely all for exploring the beaches, and this island had me learning about Simplicity. 

“Here’s to the moments when you realize the simple things are wonderful and enough.” ~ Jill Badonsky

I forgot- but Siargao reminded me how simple life is… and how the smallest acts can trickle into making a big change.

Siargao- brings out the simplicity in you, to be free, raw and laidback. It renews your mind, keeps you creative and allows the heart to breath and to love.

About Perspective ~ a change of perspective can bring a breath of fresh air – prepping myself to an island life

About Farm-to Table concepts & Sustainability

Bayatakan Farm:  This is Siargao’s first Farm-to-Table day tour. An affordable hands-on farming, culinary, and cultural involvement in Siargao .  This experience promotes sustainability awareness, learning how to cook, and discover new facets of homegrown fruits and vegetables.  You can also expect to learn how herbs are used for medicinal purposes. As part of the experience, you get to harvest, cook plant-based recipes, and set your boodle fight lunch. A true farm-to-table immersion. And yes, the guests gets to cool off in the farm’s river, and indulge in their own siesta time. The farm also supports Matinao Baranggay where it is located. The farm provides jobs to the local community to farm, to cook and to build Bayatakan.  Bayatakan farm also have various community projects, which offers educational organic farming education to local farmers. This experience is definitely on Top of my list next time I visit Siargao. 

Instagram Direct Message @Bayatakanfarm to reserve your spot & get detailed tour information

Siargao got an ample of vegan-friendly restaurants and cafes

Shaka Cafe: IG: shaka_cafes

Cev : Ceviche & Kinilaw: IG: cevsiargao 

Lamari: IG: lamarisiargao


Who would’ve have thought that a 50 pesos coconut would make me smile

Get Inked at: P&P Tattoo: IG: pandptattoo

About Friendships

There are no strangers here ~ only friends you haven’t met yet. And of course! my cousin Pilar made the trip more worthwhile…

About Love

Love & Coconuts: One day I will learn how to climb a coconut tree

Ties dipped, backs burnt, hearts lit

Hang Loose

Salty ~ extra zinc on my face

My fave color is Sunset

And so is Sunrise

About Surfing ~ first time to surf in the Philippines, and what was in my mind? Fear of hurting my legs. I could cut myself coz it’s not sand its reef!   In my new element

About Mindfulliving 

Offline is the new Luxury. Siargao made me realized that there is so much beauty without the screen time. I tried as much not to check on my phone. Yes, ‘twas a struggle, and from time to time I did. But little by little, I dosed out. Being a little private on personals. Slowly I was busy taking deeper breaths, being present, and mindfully in my own thoughts.


You turned my world around

This was then ~ This is now ~ This is Siargao

The woman I am

Karajaw Siargao! I will see you soon!