The Dorian


Dorian? What comes to your mind? So, we found ourselves sitting at this stylish modernized ambiance of the newly opened Brunch place at the Marina District. The place where everybody used to meet up, the good old Circa now transformed into a Victorian atmosphere. As curious as my friends and maybe as some of you may think~ what is Dorian? Of course! Google to the rescue. The closest definition is ~ Dorian mode or Doric mode can refer to interrelated subjects: one of the Ancient Greek harmoniai (characteristic melodic behaviour, or the scale structure associated with it)

Yes! The new Victorian / Greeky inspired new restaurant is emerging at its finest cuisine. The team behind The Dorian : Anderson Pugash, Benson Wang, Jack Herr. Chef Chris Ricketts is also the Chef behind The Palm located at Cow Hollow.


The Brunch

Truffle Fries was amazing: No greasy strong truffle taste. Just the perfect truffle spurt to your buds.


Grilled Shrimp Chop: butter bean, apple, carrot, avocado, champagne vinaigrette. No other words but refreshing and the avocado added the smidgen to the salad.


Pilsner Fish and Chips: it’s a local rock cod & tartar sauce. It’s got the good old Southern taste. Just about right with the salt and was fried just right to the point of freshness and moist cod.



The “Cure All” Flatbread: Sunnyside – up egg, rib-eye, aged cheddar cheese, Dorian hot sauce~ Oh it’s the Best and my fave. It does Cure All and hits every single buds. Palatable combination of the ingredients layered on top of the tasty flatbread. I think the Dorian hot sauce-whatever it is- kicked the spicy tang. A Must Try!


Burger Slider: Peekytoe crab black truffle gem lettuce.  Mind you~ you will have the option to order extra burgers added to the usual 3 slider-plate.


The Drink Menu: There is a bar and a lounge on the second floor, and True! they have the full Martini Menu alongside the Whiskey and the Raw Bar.


What can I say:

Bloody Mary oh so Bloodylicious


So guys and gals, young & old, Gen X & Millennials- Dorian is the place for every generation. Make sure you make your reservations.


Photos by: Sheila Despi


: The Dorian


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