Saint Frank Coffee

While San Francisco has heaps of coffee shops worthy of a visit, but there are only a few that exemplifies the city’s coffee scene. I say not only the quality and the source of coffee but the vibes of the coffeehouse, and its assets. The coffee shop is the story behind the farmers, producers, buyers and the owners.


Saint Frank Coffee was listed one of USA Today’s Top 20 coffee shops in America. A coffee shop is not just about the coffee. It should be a cozy place that will make you feel at home. Where you can sit and read a book or chit-chat with colleagues. My preference is more on the ambiance and the contemporary clean lines. Of course, the quality of coffee should be unsurpassed.


So, being a coffee drinker myself, I was thrilled to try-out Saint Frank located at the foot of the Russian Hill neighborhood in San Francisco. The interior is what I expected it to be — clean slates with the contemporary twist of San Francisco’s modernism.  It has an eclectic design, yet simplicity speaks for itself.  The aroma of coffee was a compliment itself right when I walked in the door.


According to the owners of Saint Frank, “coffee is not just a commodity but it has a quality to bring joy to life through its aromas and flavors but also its ability to bring people together.” True! That was the exact mood of Saint Frank that afternoon. People were all smiles and the staffs were more than willing to answer any questions. Yes, questions from where the coffee was produced to the most recommended coffee brewed at your own taste.


Saint Frank’s coffee beans are harvested from Honduras to Burundi. To top it, Saint Frank’s Almond Milk is made in-house. I heard that the Almond Milk latte is one of their bestsellers.


The menu of the hand-crafted coffee consists of the following:


Little Brother Espresso: blend of smallholder farms in Santa Barbara, Tropical, Berries, Savory- more of citrus espresso than chocolaty espresso: The espresso and tonic beverage on ice is a Must try.

Espresso, Macchiato, Cappuccino, Latte, Sweet Latte, Almond Latte, Mocha

Honduras Las Manos Espresso: Cherry, Dark Chocolate, Lime Zest

Filter Coffee: Guatemala La Folic mix chocolate, caramel apple classic

Pour Over V60 Coffee: Icondulas Las Nieves naked berry, brown sugar, complex

Kinya Kagumooni white peach, grapefruit, light


What did I opt for? Just so I can satisfy my caffeine fix I ordered the coffee flight. Just a bit of advice, this caffeine fix is good to go for the rest your day and through the night. The flight is not advisable for non-coffee drinkers unless you are planning to jump and hit the walls. Although the flight is a good choice since you will get the chance to sample Saint Frank’s world-class coffee.


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