Poke Bar

Poke is a classic Hawaiian dish made of chunked raw fish, vegetable salad, soy sauce, sesame oil, and spices. But wait, this hype classic food bowl just invaded The Market in San Francisco. The health conscious meals and what so-called sushi in a bowl.

Nothing fancy and right straight to the point ~ I would say. The customizable menu is simple.

Your Pick: Size & Base, Protein, Mix-ins, Flavor, Toppings.

The variety urges the customers to keep on coming back. In other words, not a boring meal.

The diners get a bang for their bucks.

Not just that but to top it all, the freshness of the bowl brings out the Poke ~ oh so palatable.

My take – Poke Bar is the diversified Poke that you will keep on craving.

Photo Credit: Cheryl King