OVO Manila

The new spot @ Poblacion district, Manila Philippines – Ovo is located on the first floor of Y2 Hotel.


This place is a can’t miss. Look no further if you are looking for a place that serves brunch all day. Ovo turns into lunch and dinner spot as well, serving  à la carte meals. The perfect place to catch up with your family or friends, and savor the boldness of a cuisine that each has its own eccentricity.

Open Kitchen concept

Ovo’s menu consists of creative dishes by Chef Kel Zaguirre of Locavore.

One of their specials is the Milkfish Caesar: Romaine heart ~ smoked milkfish belly ~ brioche twinkies ~ cured yolks ~ parmesan

Variety of Eggs & Toast: choice of Foie Gras ~ Cranberry and Lobster ~ Mushroom & Truffle & Lobster Tobiko to name a few

I definitely recommend the Sirloin  Daing: US Sirloin Daing ~ wagyu steak rice ~ bone marrow ~ roasted garlic ~ the egg cooked to perfection.

I call this dish – the cross- twist of Filipino Tapa (cured thin slices of beef) & Daing (fish marinated in vinegar). This for me has the character of a Filipino dish.

Corned Beef Bolognese: homemade corned beef ~ risoni ~ sofrito ~ bourguignon sauce ~ egg

This dish has its takes from the Mediterranean dish Shakshouka. Chef Kel played with the ingredients of this dish. He incorporated the sofrito sauce ( used in Latin, Italian, and Portuguese recipes), and the bourguignon sauce (French sauce)

Ensaymada Sourdough Waffle: my cousin, Chef Manu’s take –

“Looking at OVO menu is like snake and ladders for me because as a Chef I always look for something different yet they surprised me with there menu line up ending up I ordered the Ensaymada Waffle which keeps me thinking how could they make an ensaymada using a waffle machine. The first impression ok looks like your ordinary breakfast waffle. I took my first bite and then I stop for a while and look at the restaurant ceiling and nod my head after and saying wow! the Chef is really wild and crazy! His take on this ensaymada is crazy! biting into that waffle reminds me of plenty of things. The contrast of crunchy and soft sourdough, the blend of creaminess, sweetness and a bit of tang with the lemon zest. In short, it is just wow! for this dish clap clap for Chef Kel Aguirre!”  (https://chfmanu.wordpress.com/

Ovo also have the finest selection of wines and signature cocktails on their menu.

Quality fresh produce such as micro greens

OVO keeps it real. Stop by and find out why Ovo is becoming one of the best restaurants to dine and unwind.

Congratulations Joel & Pattie!

Ovo is now open to the public

Hours: 6 am to 1  am

Address: Santiago, cor B. Valdez, Poblacion, Makati, 1210 Metro Manila, Philippines

Phone: +63 2 3224 3000