Monsieur Bleu

Monsieur Bleu, the well competent in the art of fine cuisine and modern art, the restaurant in the Palais de Tokyo, a modern art museum in Paris. Monsieur Bleu offers a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower on the other side of the Seine River

A bit of Monsieur’s story: 3 childhood friends who have already proved to be wizards in the culinary, beverage and nightlife world conceived this. Monsieur Bleu is not just an exquisite restaurant; it is a space art with a buoyant yet also very intimate ambiance without falling into the snobby dinner. Designed by architect Joseph Dirand, the décor is both cosmopolitan and international. Monsieur Bleu is one of the trendiest restaurants in the 16thArrondissement.

The Ambiance:

Monsieur Bleu is an interchangeable place of culinary pleasures and that is what it truly is. There are no fixed guidelines. Whether you are there for an aperitif, heavy meal or just for tapas, a night out with your mom/dad or a romantic date. Monsieur Bleu caters to just about every yearning. Chic but laid back, the ambiance is warm and an open-minded essence. Monsieur Bleu is simple, trendy, modern and elegant.

The Worth:

The food is not overly priced, taking into consideration the location and the view. The seasonal atmosphere, which coincides with the ingredients, is very imperative for the clientele.

The Menu:

Benjamin Masson accepted the challenge to incorporate the menu with modern art since it is located at Palais Tokyo. The list consists of international cuisine formulated by several chefs with mixed backgrounds and expertise in French cuisine. Because of this diversity, the dishes are innovative yet simple.


You Judge:

Gros escargots de Bourgogne

Filet de bœuf   au poivre ou béarnaise (Beef fillet with pepper or béarnaise)






Côtelettes d’agneau de lait juste dorées, petits légumes primeurs

(Lamb chops, vegetables primeurs)

My Take:

This one other place I would keep on coming back for the excellent menu, intimate ambiance , maybe the view – cliche!