Le Cordon Bleu ~ Paris

It is a well-known fact that France is the culinary capital of the world. I love food and, I love to cook so I was determined to take a class at the gastromique city of Paris. Le Cordon Bleu offers a wide variety of workshops and lessons in cuisine, pastry, boulangerie, freshly baked pastries and many other specialities , which takes place in its Institute, located at 13 Quai André Citroën in Paris’s 15th district.

Le Cordon Bleu chefs are industry professionals with wide range of experience in the restaurant sector- some come from Michelin starred restaurant and all of them are professionals dedicated to sharing their expertise. Top chefs such as Anthony Bourdain, Gordon Ramsay, and Thomas Keller all spent their formative years at Le Cordon Bleu.

I wanted to learn and extract the art of cooking. Since time constraint was a factor, I decided to register for the “The Art of Cooking Like a Chef”: Under the guidance of a Michelin starred Chef Oliver Guyon.

The workshop started with a demonstration in a classroom setting and was taught in French and translated into English. Then continued with a tasting and ended with a practical class. Each of us has our own workstation.


Pineapple and green zebra tomatoes

Creamy burrata basil olive oil pomegranate  red pesto

Summer vegetable tian

Roasted rack of lamb with parsley crust, pearled jus with rosemary


I was able to experience life as a real chef even just for a day. It was indeed an unforgettable experience.

My gastronomy urged for cooking was greatly gratified.


Photos: Leia

Instagram: @spiceofleia