JeEpSiLoG Kinda Day

So I made my way to Jeepsilog and was ecstatic on trying and stopping by a Filipino food truck. Not just a food truck, but a Jeepney food truck. Jeepney is a popular means of public transportation in the Philippines.



I ordered the Tapsilog. This is the fried beef ‘tapa’, served with garlic rice topped with an egg. The beef was oh so tender, not the ordinary beef tapa that I buy at a typical restaurant. It has this savory flavor that would make you ask for more.


The second order I placed was the Kawalisilog. This is a deep fried pork belly served with garlic rice and egg on top, and not to forget the special dipping sauce. This tops the list because I said so! The pork was very well cooked to the point that it was perfectly crispy but not overly done.


Lastly, how can I forget my favorite part of the meal – dessert!  I ordered the Bibingka (Rice Cake). This is a Philippine delicacy. The cake is mildly sweet and moist.  The salted egg on top gives the cake a delightfully textured flavor. I bet! that you will be coming and craving for this. By the way, I was there with 2 other friends, so if you’re wondering how I ate all that, it’s with the help of my 2 girlfriends. Just so to let y’ all know, the prices are very reasonable.


So why don’t you hop your way to Jeepsilog and have a taste that no other Asian fusion/Asian twists food truck can offer. They have other delicious choices on the menu that I have yet to try. I guess I will be one of the regulars that will ride the jeepney wherever they decide to go. Watch out! Beep beep!




Our special Thank You to the JeepSilog crew: Dennis Feraren, Danny & Cris Feraren for the oh so Yum authentic Asian cuisine with a twist. Check out their Website : for their current Beep Beep schedule.

Phone: 650-235-5508

Pictures : Jeepsilog

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