Spice of Leia

Do you even wonder how important it is to be yourself online? Bloggers over bloggers, Vloggers and Instagramers. We all move in a direction of Gen-C which focuses in millennials. Gen C – a term that was coined by Google. It’s Generation Create Curate Connect community.

All of us have media channels diluting our brands. Allowing us to be passionate, strategic, and never forget authenticity. Now if I want you to know my passion. It’s very easy to tell you the story- I blog/vlog, IG, FB, Twitter, Snap. But you think that’s a factual sense of telling my story? Yes, a Gen Xer with high levels of skepticism, “what’s in it for me” ~ attitudes and  inspirations.

A phenomenon of GEN Cs mindset, attitude, characteristics defined by exceptionality.

From San Francisco, California.

Freelancing as a digital influencer & entrepreneur, stylist, and brand consultant.

This is life’s tête-à-tête – a Spice of Leia

Contact me through: spiceofleia@gmail.com



Photo By: Sheila Despi

IG: Xiangi ~ #Xiangishoots

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