Amalfi – Ravello

Give yourself a few days to relax.  I am a hater of  marathon travel itineraries – when you try to cover everything you can in a very short time, a No No.

Do me a favor –  Kick back, chill and soak up the sunshine. Appreciate  the beauty of the coast. Walk through the alleys, hike up , learn the history, and taste the local food that it has to offer. Endless discoveries that sets you up to get out of your comfort zone!

Cathedral of St Andrew the Apostle built in the 9th century

My Love of Alleys

Limoncello:  is an Italian lemon liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy

Let’s go to Ravello!

Ravello  is  a town in the province of Salerno, and a 30-minute to an hour or so hike up from Atrani ( it all depends on your stamina and if you top to rest and take pictures.) Literally a steep hike up! Just follow the signs . Warning: no pedestrian lanes.We didn’t expect that at all. So, hike and walk at your own risk. But it was all worth the sweats! We inhaled and mesmerized the nature along the way.

We reached Ravello in one piece but  with dripping sweats!  I was terrified of the incoming cars from nowhere . Another option is to purchase a bus ticket at any convenient store and take the Sita Bus from Atrani which is about 30-minute ride. 

The small town of Ravello is located high in the mountains of the Amalfi Coast, with stunning views overlooking the coastline stretching toward Salerno and the beautiful blue bay.

 Villa Rufolo

Steps from central Piazza Duomo is Villa Rufolo.

The villa is famous for its beautiful cascading gardens built by a wealthy merchant family in the 13th century.

Known as the ‘garden of the soul’


Ravello has a reputation for fine ceramics

We deserved the carbs and cocktails!

Villa Rufolo

Photo Credits: Sheila Despi

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