My 2nd San Francisco Half Marathon

The Training:

Runners do it despite of the gruesome training schedules, soreness, and struggles just to be consistent. The goal to beat that PR- oh yes every second, every minute counts.

Training is the Marathon. The actual marathon is the festivity of all the trainings completed.

Preparing for a marathon is a slow, dedicated process of consistent training, dietary changes and mental preparation. There were days when I struggled to get up at 4:30 am just to make it to the gym before work just to clock in my mileage or strength training for the day. Getting up at 6 am on a Saturday was much of a debate as well.

I still dread the hills of San Francisco no matter what, but then again – the hills are the hardest part and the best part.

The Day Before

The excitement started on the day we picked up our bibs. Runners from all over the world with the same mission and goal – just to finish the race.

The Race Day:

The day started at 2:45 am just to get to the shuttle for a 4:15 am pick up time.

Run 365 Tent: thank you for choosing me as one of your ambassador. The perks were awesome and the training team was unbelievably  the most motivated.

thank you pacers

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Running a marathon was once a crazy concept for me. Thousands of people run around the same path. The mind-boggling Adrenalin rush.

Last minute changed of Corral one level up just because I want to challenge myself

First Stop: 8th Mile and I should have stopped earlier on the 5th mile. I paid for it on the 13th mile where I hit the wall.

Recovery Essentials

Lessons Learned:

  • To excel in anything, you have to put in the time and effort no matter how skilled you are.
  • You can recover after a slow start (whether it is in a race or in life itself) and still finish strong regardless of what your mind, body or anyone else is telling you
  • Take care of yourself. This investment allows you to bring the best of yourself to every aspect of your life. Live a better longer life.
  • I have to be honest. I did not do as well as I wanted to, but compete against yourself
  • If it is your first race, try not to set a time target in stone

Nothing comes easy

Click Below:

Here are some of resources that would guide you through the training: Thank You Elaine! for my personalized training program. Elaine has always been a great mentor, inspiration, and my best virtual coach. Get your personal trainer that would help you achieve your goals. Newbies this is an awesome resource to get started. : the official training program of SF Marathon. The flexibility of training schedule solution is the virtual running program aside from the in-person program. : browse the runner’s world magazine’s online running tools.

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