Life Love & Desserts

How unimaginable one can describe that desserts changes just about anything — perspective Maybe.? Mood… Smile … Love ?

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San Francisco has so much to offer and one palatable thought are the bakeries.

I just want to share my sweet tooth adventures in the city. The place that I find myself stuck and always stuck at this little nook at the Marina District  area —



Now, I’d like to introduce you to my absolute favorites:

RED VELVET CAKE: Aside for being my most fave cake of all time- Susie Cake bakes the Best Red Velvet. Moist,  slightly tangy, and I recognized the underlying flavor. The cream cheese frosting,  have a good balance of classic sweetness but not so much that your teeth feel like they’re about to stage a revolt. Super moist & Not hard to Love.

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LUSCIOUS LEMON CAKE: Exactly as described on their website-Moist layers of vanilla cake filled with deliciously smooth and tart lemon curd. Topped with vanilla buttercream and sanding sugar. No words but this is on my list that you’ve gotta try and to die for. Need I say more.

OLD FASHIONED 6-LAYER CHOCOLATE CAKE: Rich dark chocolate buttercream frosting, a tower cake. Another MUST TRY and its gonna get your head spinning! Try and you’ll know what I’m talking about.



No matter how much I eat there’s always room for dessert…Dessert doesn’t go to the stomach-Dessert goes to the Heart.

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