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Farmstead says it all by its name. Napa Valley’s Farm-to-Table revolution has its way of capturing each and everyone’s palate. Why? Well, the ingredients are freshly harvested from their own backyard and from the gardens of Rutherford Estate.  The Farm-to-Table nourishing trend is blowing up right now just like any other trending terms such as the grass-fed, gluten-free, farm-raised vs. wild-caught and such thing called organic. Please don’t be so biased, just because it sounds healthy. I’m an open-minded foodie, no room for stereotyping the menus. So here we go and let me share you our experience at Farmstead.


Farmstead is located at Long Meadow Ranch Winery in the heart of Napa Valley, CA. The restaurant uses sustainable ingredients grown in the estate including organic produce, grass-fed beef and lamb. The menu consists of American farm inspired cooking by Executive Chef Steven Barber.


The Farmstead Ambiance: this is an open-table kitchen like atmosphere setting.That’s the best way I can describe the place. The tables were set as if we were in a huge kitchen table.The sight of rustic barnyard feel-structure was perfectly Napa.


For the Table:


LMR grass-fed lamb sliders with redwood hills goat’s milk feta and herb salad


The lamb was sweet and tasty, and the herb salad on the side neutralized the palate. The brioche bun was perfecto!

Wood grilled Castroville artichoke with sauce gribiche and lemon


I know artichoke is not something to talk wildly about, but it was perfectly grilled, and the seasoning balances the pinch of the grilled lemon that you can just squeeze and splash the flavors on the artichoke.


Caramelized beets with sky hill goat cheese crema, greens, and chimichurri


Oh, the sweetness of the fresh beets! ‘Twas a perfect recipe paired up with the creamy warm goat cheese.

Cheddar biscuits with honey butter


Nice and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Another Southern cooking offering of the restaurant.


Dungeness crab and bay shrimp louie with gem lettuces, avocado,cilantro,and cornichons


My favorite amongst all! This was amazingly delicious and we savored the freshness of the main components of the salad as it melted in our mouth. The scrumptious taste of the fresh crabs and shrimps.Oh !…and the crisp lettuce was presented as it was pulled out from the garden plot. And yes! I still relish this in my mind and will definitely order this again on my next visit.

Farmstead benedict with 62-degree eggs, smoked pork, LMR hot sauce hollandaise, and crispy potatoes


Complicated as it sounded–As what they say, you can never go wrong cooking eggs. But, this was cooked to its fullest precision of egg benedict. Creamy eggs as it is.

Heritage St Louis ribs with green apple coleslaw


The super juicy ribs gave the southern highlight. It was as expected, falling off the bones kind of thing. This was also served with the crispy potatoes that were cooked to the crispiness perfection.

Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch is one of our destination for food and vino in Napa Valley. The restaurant serves a variety of  local wines and offers on tap vinos as well.They also have a General Store where you can taste and shop the artisanal goods.


If you ask me how biased can I get with the farm-to-table concept? Our table was filled with the awesomeness of freshly cooked meal. Farmstead is now definitely on my top list of restaurant in California.


Pictures By: Sheila Despi

                 Paolo Poquez

Thank You: 


738 Main St, St Helena, CA 94574
(707) 963-4555

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