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Have you ever wondered how thriving entrepreneurs traveled their road to success? Allow me to chit-chat BS man’s inspirational journey. In 1989, Mr. BS migrated to the US with the hopes of fulfilling and living the American dream. He was a typical employee who worked from Monday to Friday and owned an event planning business. May 2013, he sold his business in San Francisco California. He decided to pack his bags and, flew to Cebu, Philippines. In other words – he took the risk of putting up a business in the world of the unknown. His stake? passion, talent, and perseverance.


The idea of a shrimp restaurant and the brainchild of it all is the notion that his Auntie Bebot owns a shrimp farm. He originally presented the idea of a shrimp restaurant that caters a variety of sauces. The mere concept of buckets and the simplicity of the menu layout were all his colossal creative thought. Bucket Shrimps came into existence with $1,000 start-up money. The man with a vision was bombarded with negative feedbacks that restaurants are hard to open and very likely to fail. Guess what- that never disappointed him and made all the bashers’ detrimental spiel as his inspiration. He strongly believed, and the evidence backs him up, that if you have a solid business plan and you have done the front end work to figure out what it will really take to create a solid business, then your chance of success are as good as and maybe better than with any other small business with a twist.

September 8, 2013 Bucket Shrimps was born.The restaurant started with 10 tables and a 30 person capacity venue. The power of media such as Facebook and Instagram was the marketing outlets of the business. By October 2013- Bucket Shrimps went off the wall! The word of mouth by the local Cebuanos was compelling.


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People started pouring and coming in big groups what they call the groupies. The wait was about 45 minutes to an hour. You know what- the customers didn’t care at all as long as they get seated and, of course, try the sumptuous shrimps. Not to mention that parking caused a huge turbulence with the neighboring restaurant. Crowd? Bucket Shrimps covers the A to D crowd. Let me just say this- from politicians, celebrities, students, and tourists to the boy meets girl kinda crowd. Apparently, BS Man hit all angles. His unique concept that punched all generations from his customers to the Bucket Shrimps staff.



Celebrity: Isabel Daza



BS Man is confident with his product. He personally engages with the patrons every night and throws the famous line “if you don’t suck the shrimp heads – I will pay for your meal”.

His formula? It’s clear cut that the Product ~ Deliver ~ People = Profit. The result = Return On Investment (ROI) cycled in two weeks.

Moreover, within a year it has opened, Bucket Shrimps is now competing with some of the solid restaurants in Cebu, and has gained its spot on the top 10 best restaurants in the city. Bucket Shrimps opened its second location (Salinas Drive, Lahug) on December 18 2014.


Bucket Shrimps Mactan: Cebu Yacht Club



May 8 2015: Bucket Shrimps, CYC, Mactan is the top of The Dream. The touché to it all. This is a fabulous little-known secret for a scenic lunch or dinner. Bucket Shrimps radiates a friendly and sophisticated ambiance. I would say this is the mothership of it all, the stylishly serene milieu.


Host an important business affair, a private party, or a special event at their exclusive private area. The outdoor setting is a great option for networking events in a casual, yet chic lounge setting. Bucket Shrimps will push your fête over the edge.





Bucket Shrimps Yacht Sunset Cruise

The Restaurant:

Get your hands extremely dirty, and spice splashing into your eyes.

Per BS man’s concept? Plain and Simple: the Menu only has 8 choices. The restaurant is hype, with an all white ambiance and a stroke of house, pop, and lounge music. I love the feeling of Miami vibes, the lively BS staff and nothing fancy artsy atmosphere.

It’s one of a kind to make slightly barbaric, finger-licking, bib-wearing table manners absolutely acceptable. The whole shebang literally blows your mind.


The Food:

The Main Menu consists of 8 selections: All food is served in a bucket full of Love.

My personal favorite is the Cajun Shrimp served with corn and the mussels with garlic butter sauce. To top it all, I recommend ordering the signature drink – CALMA. The Calm after the storm of a superb meal. Finger-licking YUMMINESS!



1897998_1470731809811717_1363467965_n 10689887_1546020075616223_1038861989110697210_n
This place is a full house, even at 10 pm on a regular weekday. They offer Valet Parking as well.
Check out the trending traffic on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bucket.shrimp and Instagram:#bucketshrimps …trending ..traffic.

The BS Man:

Chad Colmenares Regner- aka Mr. BS, is the man behind the famous Bucket Shrimps restaurant. The man who, after a long day to the wee hours in the morning at the restaurant … at times was locked-out by the owner of the place he lived and slept in his truck. The principle of sacrifice and strength of mind played a big role.


Let’s get to know the BS Man: The first thing that pops into Regner’s mind


When I say      He says

San Francisco   Golden Gate

Women           Interesting

Chad Regner     Complicated

Failure         Trials

Family          Important

ASPO            Crazy

True Friends    Success and Failures

Cebu            Paradise

Money           Freedom

Bucket Shrimps  My Baby


 Bucket Shrimps: Video

Locations: CAPITOL

           11 Orchid St,Capitol Site,Cebu City Philippine 

           Phone No:0943-744-6762       


          Bucket Shrimps Yacht Club, Mactan

          Phone No:63-917-631-3720


Pictures: Bucket Shrimps Inc

Illustration by: Rinna Despi (FB & Instagram:Blush and Beyond)

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