Bon Bini Aruba
Aruba is a 33-kilometer-long island of the Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea, located 27 km north of the coast of Venezuela.
Capital: Oranjestad
Dialing code: 297
Currency: Aruban florin
Government: Constitutional monarchy
Official language: Papiamento language, Dutch Language

The Locals: My one advice when you travel abroad is mingle with the locals. The perks? It is the most rewarding experience. We were able to see the island through the eyes of the residents. Travel guide books and the island’s official website was a great tool to familiarize ourselves with the culture, language, demographics, geography and environment. The locals were more willing to open up if you convey interest in their home. Locals are mostly European descent with a mix of Latino and some of African and Asian descent. They are genuinely friendly people.

Communication is a key: So learn a few words. They speak Papiamento language, Dutch Language, and English

Weather: Aruba weather makes it a year round of paradise. It is always windy and sunny in Aruba! The island is located outside the hurricane belt, and is known for its perfect weather, it hardly rains. Average temperature of 82 degrees. The trade winds provide ideal kite surfing conditions. Aruba is one of the most popular kite surfing and windsurfing destination in the world! Aruba’s high-wind season is the longest in the Caribbean. Wind speed are best in May, June and July when they average 20 to 30 knots.

Dining: I consider Aruba as one of the best island in the Caribbean. Aruba is on top of my list. Why? Food was delish!  Aruba has a vast range of fine restaurants.

Flying Fish Bone: is our best pick of all the restaurants. The restaurant is located in Savaneta, and accommodates its guests with on-the-beach dining area. We had a table where feet barely touched the water, and enjoyed the sunset view. It was a mediocre gastronomic experience.

Zeerovers: Cash Only local restaurant. From sea to grill/fryer.The catch of the day might include wahoo, snapper, barracuda or kingfish . Served with  no superfluities on paper plates with plastic spoon and fork. But, the ambiance of the Aruba coast was worth seeing.

Pinchos Bar and Grill:  dining located at Southside Marina. The best Sangria on the island.

The Renaissance Hotel: Seafood Buffet: unlimited lobsters, shrimps, crabs you name it and cooked the way you want.

The Island: There are varieties of activities on the island, and it is all up to your preference. Whether you’re a water sports person, laid back dude or a foodie.The island is 20 miles long and drivable from point to point. There are so many places and things to explore. Armando’s Kite Shack is the go to place for kite boarding lessons and rentals. It is located at the Huts on Eagle/Palm Beach. This was the place where we took afternoon siestas- yes siestas you can on the island and it is up to your own discretion. Along that shore are other water sports rental places.

It was a nice drive up to the California light house, and there you will find local vendors selling fresh coconut juice. If you are a sand dune enthusiast this is where you can slide the dunes any way you can.

We drove down to the most southern part of the island and it was paradise! BABY BEACH -The soul-searching sanctuary of Aruba. It is called Baby Beach coz it’s so shallow and no more than 5 feet deep. The beach is secluded on weekdays. That feeling of relaxed, decompressed, mindfulness –I’m stranded on an island kinda thing.

Beware of the Iguanas and one piece of advice—how about a tech detox – turn off your cell phone once you step on the island. Feel the rejuvenating experience.

After all it is a ONE HAPPY ISLAND

Phone +297 582 3777

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